Who Are We


Rural Traveller  has carefully selected only the most knowledgeable, professional and friendly field co-ordinators and naturalists in the region, with over a decade of experience of handling birdwatchers, anglers, wildlife photographers, documentry film-makers, writers, zoologists, botanists, ornithologists, entamologist, naturalists, reachers, students and our most important client the aspiring nature lover. Most of our naturalists are also actively involved in conservation and are seasoned travellers themslves.

Our naturalists are professionals who will provide you with all the information you want to know about the wonders you will discover every day. They are also all very well versed in safety and first aid so you know you are in great hands. Rural Traveller  naturalists are experts who are there not only to show you and tell you about nature, but to immerse you in it so that you can greater appreciate and cherish your exploration.

All our  naturalists will be able to show you, and help you identify, many of the birds, plants and mammals that occur in the region that you are visiting. Quite simply, we think we have the best team in the business!


Below is a list of the requirements that all our naturalists  meet

  • A University degree in biology, tourism and similar branches is required
  • At least 6 years of experience as a naturalist guide in any of the protected forests of uttarakhnad
  • Fluency in English and Hindi with many speaking a third language
  • First Aid training  Instructor in guide training programmes
  • Problem and emergency management training
  • Some of our leaders are specialists in one aspect of natural history, while others are excellent all-round naturalists


Between us we speak over 6 different languages. This is of great benefit to you, especially when trying to cope with the inevitable hiccoughs that can occur with travel arrangements in India.

While on tour, your naturalists  will be responsible for logistics, coordinating group activities & making sure you get expert naturalist guidance.

They are there to make sure your holiday goes smoothly & to sort out any queries or problems you may encounter.