Where you'll be staying

Most of Rural Traveller accommodation are community owned and run. In all our homestays entire village community is involved, some own the homes you stay in, others are involved in guiding, growing vegetables, dairy and poultry. Other cause adding to the feel good factor is that many of the activities we promote directly benefit conservation something as visitors you witness yourself.

Surrounded by mountains and forests or by a river natures has been generous enough to our villages and the setting is spectacular. Optimum emphasis has been given to meet the best international standards possible. Soft comfortable beds, filter water, home cooked food cooked under hygienic conditions and clean toilets have been standardised by sensitive hospitality gurus who have been involved in the training from the very initiation of community based tourism in our landscape.

The biggest threat to community owned homestays in the near future will be from large hotels catering to mass tourism who’ll not hesitate to slash down cost hence we have geared up to meet up to international quality and are great value for money holiday. Guests therefore get a great sense of satisfaction to know that not only are they directly benefiting the local community they have also chosen a low carbon footprint holiday.


Places to Stay