How to get there

For those coming directly it is essential to fly to Delhi.  Delhi is the only international airport that is close to Ramnagar.
We are based at Dhikuli, a few kms from Ramnagar and 282 km north of Delhi.  The easiest way to reach any of our accommodations is to travel first to Ramnagar, and then depart for your final destination. 

A train journey from Delhi to Ramnagar is good and the most convenient. It is cheap and comfortable.  For this, you need to take The Ranikhet Express 5013, which leaves from tOld Delhi at 22:45hrs.  It’s an overnight train, First or Second Class AC is the most comfortable – especially for a good night’s sleep or please log onto:

You can also take a taxi from Delhi. Driving from Delhi to Ramnagar takes 6 – 8 hours (depending on the conditions at that time of the year).  If you want we can arrange for your travel.

From Delhi buses also come to Ramnagar which can take 10 to 12 hrs. If there is no option or communication available then bus can be the best option for you.

From Ramnagar, there are options like bus, auto, available for reaching the chosen destination:

Vanghat/Riverine Woods
Given the remote nature of Vanghat/Riverine Woods, we will organise your jeep transfer.  The jeep will receive you either at the station or Tiger Camp (our base just outside of Ramnagar).  The journey to Vanghat/Riverine Woods is a safari in itself, with a drive through the buffer zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve, and then the crossing of the River. There is a short walk to reach the cottage.

During monsoons, or heavy rains, this access is not possible, and the guest has to walk 3 km through the pristine forest to reach the lodge.

The cost of the jeep transfer is included in the cost of the stay at Vanghat/Riverine Woods.

Baluli Waters
We can organise your jeep transfer from Tiger Lodge which is our base in Dhikuli or if you want then we can arrange the transfer from the station. If you are coming by car then you can directly reach Baluli Waters. The car can go through a particular point. There is a short walk to the Home Stay.

Ramganga Valley Homestay
Again you have to reach Ramganar either by bus/train or car Ramnagar. In order to reach Ramganga Valley Homestay you can either take a bus/autofrom Ramnagar to Garwal, get off at Marchula and then there is a short walk to Ramganga. If you are coming by car then you have to drive upto Marchula and walk a short distance.

Dhikuli Homestay
From Ramnagar Train Station, the easiest way to reach Dhikuli Homestay is by auto rickshaw.  There are plenty available outside the station.  The cost of an auto rickshaw is Rs. 150. You just have to tell the auto guy “Tarangi Resort in Dhikuli” – It is just next to Tarangi Resort. If you want you can also hop in a bus and ask for the same. We can arrange for your transfer but that will be the cost as per the taxi charges at that point of time.

Dana Pani Organic Farmstay
To reach Dana Pani one has to get off at Ramnagar, depending on your mode of transport. You have to get off at Kumaon which ever way you travel by bus/auto or car. Again after getting off at Kumaon there is a short walk to Dana Pani.

Steve’s Mountain Village
Those who want to go to Steve’s also famously known as Jilling can also reach there directly wither by taking a train to Katgodam from Delhi, from Katgodam to Nainital travelling is by bus/car or auto. Then from Nainital to Bhawani is a short drive by jeep followed by a short walk i.e. 3 to 4 kms. If you are coming by car then you have to get off at Bhawani.
If there is any problem or issues with conveyance we can arrange it for you.