Wildlife Viewing From 4 X 4


Observing wildlife to understand nature

We are based in a landscape that boasts of one of the highest Tiger density in the world. India’s oldest national park Corbett is landscaped by topographical features like marshes, plateaus, and hilly terrains.


Due to the dense forest cover sightseeing are down to chance as the tigers in the reserve are neither baited nor tracked.


In other parks, tiger sightings can sometimes feel stage-managed. Not here. Notwithstanding tiger sightings, few serious wildlife enthusiasts will leave disappointed as the park is home to over 50 mammal and over 600 bird species in its vast grasslands, broad-leafed forest and river habitats, and a beautiful location in the foothills of the Himalaya on Ramganga River.

Experienced trackers, guides & naturalist help feel the forest

In a forest with such a high density of fauna what makes your excursion memorable and meaningful is the forest guide we are wild lifers ourselves and understand the vital need of knowledgeable and experienced guide.


Top guides and naturalists of Corbett Tiger Reserve with fine record of tracking are associated with us and understand the needs of mammal and bird- watcher, wildlife photographers, film makers and most importantly the keen nature lover. Hence we call our safaris wildlife study.


And why just the guide our 4 X 4 driver too are sensitive to the needs of wild lifers and understand light factors for better photography. Patience is another virtue that our seasoned team understands, as waiting quietly is often rewarded with marvellous and candid poses of rare fauna. In a forest with wild elephants courage and wisdom too is important, our experiences drivers understand your safety concerns.


Our team is not just armed with binoculars and first aid kit but also with reference field guides for mammals, birds, butterflies and reptiles.


A detailed checklist is provided to all our guests which if you wish to share will be uploaded in our SMC website.

Many potentially useful observations of wildlife can be made by visitors wildlife photographers, students and general wildlife enthusiasts. Observation data thus gathered may be used by SMC to assist Forest Department to help assess the status of wildlife and evaluate appropriate conservation strategies.


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What You'll Do
  • Report your observations of wildlife species.
  • Report animals killed or observed on roadways.
  • Use a mapping tool to identify the location of your observation.
  • Upload photographs with your observation to allow wildlife professionals to verify your species identifications.
  • View records that you have submitted to the website and add new observations to ‘Sites’ you have already established.
  • View town distribution maps for wildlife species.
  • Track your wildlife observations for a particular area over time.
Cost :

INR 2500 each guest for a group of 4 for a highly recommended full day game drive. It includes local guide, driver, 4 X 4 and entry charges into Tiger Reserve. Overnight stays in colonial era bungalow is a highlight of Corbett National Park. Charges on request.

Best Time To Come

Day visit zone of Jhirna remains open year round. Overnight stay zones like Dhikala and Bijrani open on November 15th till June 15th.