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SOS - Wildlife needs a few good vets

The western Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is extremely rich in wildlife; presence of Snow leopards to Tigers is an indicator of this mega-biodiversity. However during the past few decades this fragile ecosystem has witnessed unsustainable development activities, damns and roads to name just a few which has adversely impacted the wildlife of this region. Wildlife has suffered due to road accidents, poisoning, electrocution, drowning in canals, being attacked by dogs etc. The minimal Veterinary health infrastructure leads to extremely high mortality in wildlife that is brought in for treatment. 


Human – animal conflicts has intensified in our forests, where wildlife competes directly with a rapidly increasing human demand over scarce land resources, livestock grazing, forest fires, collection of forest produce are some of the key reasons for increase of conflicts between humans and wildlife. Habitat loss and degradation of habitats forces wild animals to stray into human habitation that surround forest areas creating conflicts. Conflicts lead to crop loss and injury to both humans and animals.

Urgent need of Animal Birth Control

The problem of wild boars has increased manyfolds over the years. Severely affecting already meager agriculture produce in our hill region and the morale of the people who have toiled hard in the field. Thanks to religious tolerance there has been an abnormal increased in the Macaques they have not only become threat to crops but to human life as well. Stay dogs also have increased in proximity to wilderness areas.


These factors have let to disease like Tetanus, rabies and other zoonotic disease. This problem is aggravated by the poor veterinary health services and facilities in the area. Animal birth control should be carefully considered. There is an immediate need to collaborate and learn from vets from all over the world.


Great challenge for a worthy cause

We have partnered with the Uttarakhand Forest Department and the Government Veterinary Hospital to address the challenges. Those with experience in veterinary healthcare can contribute immensely with their technical skills and expertise. So far all our vetenerary facilities are government owned and run.


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What You'll Do
This program is aimed at those with a veterinary background, students, qualified vets or vet nurses, who are looking for a different experience working in a different and very challenging environment.


You will learn how a veterinary practice in rural India works, and will be able to have a unique hands-on experience, sometimes working with animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Cost :

Any contribution is welcome. We are in urgent need of an ambulance and a small fully equipped state the art veterinary hospital specialising in the treatment of wildlife care and regular R& D to monitor any disease.  

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All year round.