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You are never too far from a forest here in Uttarakhnad

With 64.8% of the state's geographical area, Uttrakhand is under forest cover of which 26.6% of its forest area is strictly protected as National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, which is way above the national average and one of the highest in Asia. This makes Uttarakhand an ideal destination for exploring forest on foot. Please note walking in any of our tiger infested national park is not permitted and we carry out our on foot exploration outside all parks in reserve forest areas. The state has diverse habitats ranging from the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas, to the sub-tropical Terai region. This diversity has also contributed immensely to the diversity of flora and wildlife of the state.

Exploring jungles on foot is the best way to feel the forest

Nature walks are one of the best ways to take in nature as it is quieter, you’ll learn to track animals, and there’s a real buzz to be had at seeing wild animals on foot. Trained guides will assist you with birds, plants, trees and mammals. Some signs and sounds will be heard or seen like pug marks of the tiger or scratch marks showing their territory. The tiger is not the only animal in our jungles though, and you’ll also notice sign of wild boar, elephant or any number of other forest inhabitants.

Compared to exploring on jeeps you may see less number of large mammals but on foot when you do you can see them closely. Nothing quite prepares you for the full assault on your senses. You get the opportunity to lift a leaf and find a world of insects all engaged in their activities. Butterflies and moths are in abundance here except the cold winter months. Though you often end up startling pheasants but observing other birds is most rewarding on foot. You may gently lift a turtle or frog for a close observation and as you hop over a stream brilliantly colored damsel flies and tiny fishes in these pristine jungles is indeed a sight to behold. The foothills are ideal hiking landscape with rolling hills and the mighty Himalayas keeping you constant company.


How we conduct our walking safaris

Accompanied by a keen tracker, walking in India’s Himalayan foothills is about discovering scenery on an awe-inspiring – and humbling – scale as you follow ancient paths through deep, wooded valleys and along high, wide ridges. with accommodation provided by authentic community owned homestay built and managed by local people, our walking holidays also reveal a very different way of life, one that in many ways has remained unchanged for centuries. In fact, as you gradually mingle up with the peaceful rhythms of this remote and beautiful corner of the world, time itself seems to be slowed down and offering you a unique experience-full of surprise and wonder, and these memories will stay with you forever.


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Cost :

INR 3000 for a maximum group of eight.

Best Time To Come

All year round. Monsoon months are most scenic but come prepared with rain gear.