Snake Conservation Holiday


Save the world’S most misunderstood creature

Snakes are perhaps the most misunderstood and fascinating of all creatures on the planet. Although, being worshiped in many cultures since the dawn of time, the mere mention of the word snake still strikes fear into the hearts of many people. India plays home to over 250 species of snakes most of which are harmless to man. Although, most people’s first reaction when encountering a snake is to kill it, snakes play a hugely significant role in the balance of our eco-system. If snakes were to be eradicated then the world would be taken over by an infestation of rodents such as rats and mice which in turn would lead to decimation of people’s crops as well as many more diseases.


World Of King Cobra’s and Pythons

Uttarakhand has a wide array of snakes ranging from the huge rare Indian Rock Python (19 feet) to the largest venomous snake in the world the King Cobra (18 feet). Most snakes found in the state are harmless, including beautiful species such as the Striped Keelback and Common Trinket Snake, however, the “Big four” are also found in Uttarakhand: Spectacled Cobra, Common Krait, Russells Viper and Saw Scaled Viper. The reason why these snakes are termed the “Big Four” is because they represent the biggest medical emergency to man in India and are responsible for more snake bites and fatalities than any other snakes in India, due to their tendency to live near human habitation.


In Uttarakhand snakes are very rarely seen in the winter months and only seem to appear just before and during the monsoons when the weather warms up and the rains come down flushing them out of their winter resting places.


How you can help

Opting for our Snake Conservation programme you actively participate in the in Snake Rescue operation in the Ramnagar region. Enlisting the help of resident snake catchers they find themselves regularly called out to villages to rescue snakes during the monsoon periods. The money you spend sustains cost of petrol and sustains the snake catchers’ family involved.


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What You'll Do
Onset of monsoons and rainy season is the peak of Snake activity. For all those fascinated by snakes, offering them the chance to look for and encounter some of the enchanting snakes found in this area and perhaps even take part in a snake rescue mission. Uttarakhand has never really had a proper snake survey done resulting in plenty new species to be discovered in the region, for example we know we have a species of green Pit Viper here and it’s a common snake in the hills yet no species of Green Pit Vipers are recorded in this state.
Cost :

INR 20, 000 per person for a week. Write to us to tailor-make this holiday. Most of this money goes towards the cost of fuel and relocation of snakes.

Best Time To Come

Your snake conservation holiday is possible only from 1st May to 15th September each year.