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Our earth needs many more trees

Planting a tree helping it grow is perhaps one of the most satisfying achievements in life. This is a great way to get your hands dirty while doing something worthwhile – you will be helping to address environmental issues in an amazing and diverse environment. 

We aim to restore biologically diverse forest in areas where deforestation or habitat degradation has taken place. Local benefits of our work include improved environmental conditions for both human and wildlife populations, and global benefits include a net removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus providing a valuable tool to tackle climate change.

Uttarakhand with its snow clad mountains, many glacier fed rivers such as Ganga and Yamuna, and has more than 65% area under forest cover is the source of India’s most sacred and important rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Sharda, Ramganga, etc. Hence this region is often known as the tower of freshwater resources of Asia.

For a cleaner healthy future

Trees that make up forest play a vital role in nature by moderating the extremes of climatic conditions, preventing soil erosion and regulating the flow of streams. Forests affect the hydrological cycle considerably. Edward Percy Stebbing a forester and pioneering entomologist in India had said “the entire philosophy of the role of forests is to prolong the water cycle from its inception as falling precipitation to the final disposal as runoff into streams and oceans. The longer the water is retained on the land, the greater is its usefulness in nurturing crops and trees, in maintaining the regular supply of water in streams and in preventing soil from washing away”.

The importance of trees have increased in the recent past for their role not only in fulfilling the material requirements but also for their effects on hydrological cycle, floods, soil erosion and water pollution, etc. However with increasing human pressure, advancement in the agriculture and other sectors and rapid urbanisation particularly unscientific methods of road building, dependence of people on the forest, these forests have been degraded and fragmented to great extent resulting in resulting in landslides, depleted water tables, and invasion of weed species and so on.


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What You'll Do

Out tree planting programme of native broad-leafed forest and fruiting saplings is carried on in monsoons in areas that suffer from wide scale forest clearance.  There is a traditions in India to plant trees in the memory of your ancestors, you may carry on this tradition or simply plant trees for your friends, parents or just yourself.


A metal tree guard with your name plate is erected around your tree to prevent from grazing ungulates and we take the guarantee to take care of your tree till it is big enough. Long term survival of the tree is ensured by declaring the area as a sacred grove dedicated to the local deity. Not just individuals we encourage families, children, schools and companies to participate in this noble programme.

Cost :

We provide saplings free of cost. However tree guard and initial upkeeping costs about INR 1500 per plant.

Best Time To Come

Monsoon months of July to September.