Learn to be a mahout


Being with gentle giants

Most children’s dream animal. If you’re a fan of elephants, those awe inspiring gentle giants of our Indian jungles, and then you’ll definitely be a fan of this program. With safari elephants right on our doorstep, it’s a great opportunity to learn the basics of caring for these graceful giants, and how to ride and control one.  In short, you can learn to be a mahout (definition: the driver and keeper of an elephant).


Making friends with an elephant

You’ll be paired with a mahout and his elephant, and he will walk you through the finer steps of becoming a mahout.


These include:

  • Learning about elephants, their background, their behavior, feeding, and life cycle etc.
  • Tools and equipment necessary for looking after an elephant and for taking people on elephant safaris.
  • The basic commands used for the elephants (usually in Hindi).
  • What food gets given to a working safari elephant, and how to prepare it. Safari elephants are generally fed on sugar cane, green leaves, and giant “elephant chapattis”.
  • How to take care of the elephant’s living area and the elephant itself in terms of cleaning, bathing and its basic requirements.
  • Introduction of the mahout’s role.
  • Introduction of the chara cutter’s (mahout’s assistant) role.
  • Elephant medicine and treatment – this is generally different to conventional veterinary practices, and follow traditional methods.
  • How mahouts acquire new elephants for safari purposes. 


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What You'll Do
We have two elephants at our disposal, each with their own personalities and moods that you’ll get to know intimately.  It’s definitely a unique and rewarding way to experience safari elephants!  And although they are domesticated elephants, they do retain many wild characteristics, which you’ll become familiar with and be able to recognize in any wild elephants you come across.
Cost :

INR 1000 per person for group sized of maximum four guests.

Best Time To Come

All year round.