Learn Mahsheer Fishing


Sports fishing sustains communities and thus saves Mahseer and rivers

Angling and sport fishing for legendary fishes like Golden Mahseer and Goonch(Catfishes) found in the Himalyan rivers is an experience in itself for child and an experience which can be gladdening and gratifying and even addictive not only for seasonal anglers but also for beginners. Water as we all know that is the main constituent of our body and even is the main component of the earth.Clean water which is increasingly becoming rarer,is the prime habitat requirement for the Mahseer & Goonch ,hence these fishes are the indicators of healthy and clean water. Angling introduces us to the life that supports these rivers; it is an awesome combination of thrill and education.


The key to success in fishing is having lots and lots of patience.There is no denying fact that fishing can teach a child patience.As the kids sit there hour after hour,will help the kids to wait patiently .The time spent fishing is not necessarily the time spent catching fish ,is the time spent building the knowledge and to interpret the behavior of the fish. Thus this chapter of patience once learnt practically during fishing will carried further in other aspects of life.


India’s most inspiring fish species is the majestic and mighty Mahseer; a powerful and genetically-rich specie, found throughout the nation; it is the so called, king of the Asian rivers. It ears this reputation due to its rich life style; surviving the monsoons that flush India’s rivers year after year, keeping the diverse and rich eco-systems that support them, balanced and clean.


Experiencing and learning about our nation’s true natural heritage, through the eyes of an art - experiencing the playfulness of a beautiful golden torpedo at the end of your rod. A pursuit that in spite of the end result of catching a fish or not, leaves you both inspired and enriched as you feel one with our nations natural heritage.


Once abundant now rare

Golden Mahseer and Goonch have been  legendary sport fishes of India. Six species of this cult fish are distributed all over India. Once abundant this symbol of a clean river system is reported to be declining in size and numbers and is in the danger of extinction in some parts of the country. Reasons being unsustainable methods of fishing, habitat deterioration and introduction of exotic species.


The mighty Mahseer is the specie that is to be found in some of the most beautiful rivers and valleys of India; the art of angling for the Mahseer, hence takes you to the remote Indian back-country; and to rivers that are less exploited by India’s rapid development.


How can you help?

Learning fishing on the Ramganga river, a part of your rod fee goes directly to the local villages. Thus making locals an important stakeholder in river conservation and creating an incentive for river protection, it is the only way to conserve iconic species and thus ensuring the life of our headwaters.


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What You'll Do

With the help of experts fishing guides, the  beginning anglers and fishing enthusiasts will learn about fishing rods and reels, fishing line and fishing lures, hooks, flies and how to tie fishing knots, how to fish with live bait.

Experts will share secrets about how weather patterns and monsoon phases affects fishing and the secret about the beautiful world of underwater fishes and their diversified species found in different areas, seasonal changes that occur while fishing.


Expand your fishing knowledge and learn more about each species of fish like Mahseer, Goonch, Kalabasu and Indian Trout. Understand the practice of Catch Photo & Release fishing and how to effectively handle and release fish safely. Safety and First Aid on the water while fishing is given the top priority.

After reading about fishing on river ramganga your mind will be completely doubt free about whether to go on fishing but now on you might think about when and where to go next in this vast subcontinent.

Cost :

Per day for above activity – 5000/-. This includes services of gillie and rod permit + about 1k that goes directly for conservation

Best Time To Come

Beginners may come anytime between October till June. Fish are caught mostly in October, November, Mid March and April.