Western himalayan butterfly holiday

Leaving the forest, the path led along the river bank, and over the great masses of rock which strewed its course.....But by the most striking feature consisted in the amazing quantity of superb butterflies, large tropical swallowtails black, with scarlet or yellow eyes on their wings. They were seen everywhere, sailing majestically through the still hot air, or fluttering from one scorching rock to another, and especially loving to settle on the damp sand of the river edge; where they sat by thousands, with erect wings, balancing themselves with a rocking motion, as they heavy sails inclined them to one side or other; resembling a crowded fleet of yatches on a calm day. Such an entomological display cannot be surpassed – Joseph Dalton Booker, Himalayan Journals. Vol.1, p. 143.

Butterflies of Tiger Land

Anyone who has travelled in the foothill of the Himalayas particularly next to some protected forested area whether or not interested in Butterflies would vividly remember abundance of these fluttering paintings and moths that are in abundance in the lit up veranda at night. Come and observe photogenic butterflies in their natural habitat as you take a leisure stroll through beautiful scenery rich in wildlife with young Sanjay Chimmalwal a passionate and knowledgeable Butterfly "Spotter" Guide. Kids and elderly will be in there elements to identify butterflies and learn about them. This holiday can easily be combined with a mammal or bird spotting holiday.

The mysterious world of Butterflies

Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera which includes moths and butterflies and is the second largest order among insects with approximately 150,000 species. Out of 150,000 species there are about 17,820 species of butterflies in the world and about 1500 species of butterflies are recorded so far from Indian subcontinent. Our western Himalayan region of Uttarakhand is home to some 300 species of Butterflies. Being highly sensitive to environmental changes, they are easily affected by even relatively minor disturbances in the habitat so much that they have been considered as indicators of environmental quality  and are also treated as indicators of the health of an ecosystem.

How we plan your butterfly holiday

Our butterfly holiday is carried out in district the lake district of Nainital that boasts of over 70% of its land under forest area varying from moist deciduous and temperate forest in the higher reaches. No systematic serious study has been done on butterflies in this region and an exact number of butterfly species cannot be declared, but approximately more than 100 species of butterflies are found here. Common tiger, common nawab, baronet, common map, dark blue tiger, glassy tiger, blue tiger, common sailor, common leopard, common gem, chocolate soldier, common jezebell, commander, common castor, common cerulean, common gull, common wanderer, Dart, psyche, spot swordtail, yellow pansy. Great eggfly, bamboo tree brown, clubbeak, common blue bottle and common emigrant are some common species that can be seen in the lower forests dominated by Sal and moist Jamun.


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Tribute to butterfly lovers

Our butterfly holiday to the Western Himalayas will remain incomplete without a visit to the Himalayan Botanical Garden near Nainital. An enclosed butterfly park laced with butterfly host and nectar plants has been designed to host more than 60 species of Himalayan butterflies.


The other must visit place nearby is June Estate at Bhimtal. This beautiful wooden house nestled amidst pine and cedar trees on a hill overlooking the picturesque Bhimtal town and houses the largest privately owned butterfly and insect collection in Asia a mindboggling 11000 samples of Butterflies and insects.


This entomological paradise is the brainchild of late Freddie Frederick Smetacek Jr., lepidopterist &naturalist a German ecologist who was born and brought up in Bhimtal and who's spent a lifetime of obsession with butterflies and their habitat.

Cost :

INR 3000 per person per day for a couple. Please tailor-make this holiday please write to us. Includes services of Botanist and transport where needed

Best Time To Come

All year round.