Botanical holiday in western himalayas


Himalayan vegetation varies according to both altitude and climatic conditions. They range from the tropical deciduous forests in the foothills, to temperate forests in the middle altitudes. Higher up, coniferous, sub-alpine, and alpine forests spring up. These finally give way to alpine grasslands and high altitude meadows. They are followed by scrublands which lead up to the permanent snowline.


The vegetation also varies from the unexplored tropical rainforests of the Eastern Himalayas, to the dense subtropical and alpine forests of the Central and Western Himalayas to the sparse desert vegetation of the cold desert areas of the Transhimalaya.


Explore flora paradise

When we see the photograph of some wild animal and are in awe of the species most completely ignore the plants, grass and trees of which it is a part of and without the forest the graceful beast would seize to exist.


Of the 250,000 Flowering Plants found on earth India is beautified by 15,000 of which about 4,000 species of flowering plants grow in Uttarakhand of which 116 species are endemic to the region.


Incredible plant diversity – 400 metres to 7800 meters

This holiday in the Himalayan foothills gifted with incredibly rich floral assemblage technically termed as Upper Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests or just tropical moist broadleaf forest and in higher reaches Himalayan subtropical pine and broadleaf forests would be an ideal botanical holiday tour for anyone enthusiastic.


Come prepared

Armed with a pair of scissors to cut plant parts, a bag to store collections, newspapers, and a good clean board to mount specimens and of course a field guide such as Forest Flora of Chakrata, Dehra Dun and Saharanpur by U.N Kanjilal.


This is all the gear you need to plan a fascinating vacation to the treasure of plants of the western Himalayas foothills.


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What You'll Do
Your botany tour will begin from the Himalayan botanical park and from there you may either come down to the wildlife rich tropical moist broadleaf forest and the luxurious savannas and grasslands. Your other option will be to head north and look for floral specimens in the sparsely vegetated subtropical pine forests and in its proximity the rich and moist Himalayan subtropical broadleaf forests. For plants you fail to identify we’ll be havening weekly workshops with local botanists who’ll help you indentify plants.
Cost :

INR 3000 per person per day for a group of 2.

To tailor-make this holiday please write to us. Includes services of Botanist and transport where needed

Best Time To Come

All year round.