Bicycle excursions


NON polluting and healthy holiday

Cycling along the Terai forests in the Shivalik  foothills and exploring lesser known higher wilderness of Kumaon and Garhwal of  the hill state of Uttarakhand  have some really lovely stretches, where travelling by cycle is an easy and joyful experience incredibly efficient, eco-friendly modes of transport - no emissions and a tiny carbon footprint.


Your bicycle excursions becomes exciting as you encounter wildlife in the numerous less frequented routes in the mountains and forest here making your experience joyful.

How does bicycle exploration help

Anyone visiting our hill stations particularly in summer months cannot ignore convoys of cars and buses heading up from the heat of the plains resulting in pollution and congestion.  


In popular hill stations like Nainital, Mussorrie or Shimla Sometimes during peak season, you may not even be able to walk in peace in these higher plains. The very purpose, then, of escaping from the concrete jungle of the metropolis to a peaceful retreat is lost.

Your holiday supports local communities

Encourage your friends and family to take up a biking holiday. Convince them that when you bike through the forests and remotely located pictourous villages is best way to get a feel of the culture and the wildlife of the Himalayas. Stop at the villages and towns a gentle ‘Namaskar’ will get you a closer look at the town and village way of life.


Mountain biking in the Himalayas is one of the most adventure filled and novel ways of combining travel with experiencing wildlife, local flavour and culture of a place. We use local homestays thus sustaining local livelihood in a region that has the highest migration rate in the Himalayas. Add to this the rich birdlife and astounding mountain beauty and indescribably beautiful Himalayan locales that you'll be passing through, and you have the perfect adventure holiday that you will remember throughout your life.

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What You'll Do
Your bicycle holiday is planned in the hilly districts of Almora and Nainital and is lead by some of the most experienced cyclist in the subcontinent with training in first aid and mountaineering. Local guides and naturalist accompany you to point out at the rich birdlife and wildlife well camouflaged in the forest and hillsides. We combine our exploration with game drive in the world renowned Corbett National Park and for those who wish will organise fishing. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit nesting colonies of Globally Threatened vultures and communities involved in sustainable livelihoods to reduce their dependency on these forests that harbours the highest tiger density in the world.

Week long bicycle excursion in altitude varying from 400 metres to 2400 metres covering forest, views of icy Himalayan ranges and river valleys with option of full day safari in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Write to us to tailormake this holiday.

Cost :

INR 2200 per day for a group of six guests, includes accommodation, food, guides, 24 hours backup vehicle

Best Time To Come

October to March