Steve’s Mountain Village
Steve's Mountain Village

Cloaked in a lush, multicultural forest of oak and chestnut and deodar, with brief but bewitching views of Nanda Devi, an uphill hike of a mile through oak and pine leads to Steve’s Mountain Village- an escape into the magical world of the Himalayas.This village is an outstanding conservation success and sustainable tourism destination developed by a grand old man called Steve Lal.


WILDLIFE and Mountains

Steve’s Mountain village is a part of the Jilling estate most of which is now dense forest of Oak, Rhododendron etc and a small bit is maintained as a 100% organic farm. Most of the 400 acres of temperate forest has been zealously guarded against loggers, developers and forest fires. Such conservation efforts which are running since decades have now reaped fruit. Today the forest around Steve’s Mountain Village is home to Leopards, Barking Deer, Sambar, Porcupine, Goral etc. Mountains in our region are rich in Avifauna and commonly sighted are Lammergeyer, Himalayan Griffon, Redheaded Vulture, Black Eagle and Jays and Magpies. Our host’s wealth of knowledge on the areas, especially on wildlife and plants makes our stay here even more value added.



Steve’s Mountain Village is a quiet place, away from the normal tourist route, making it a magical and soul-restoring place. Guests are accommodated in community owned village homestays in Jilling Village. Very beautiful and simple cottages with a double bedroom, and shared Indian style bathroom. It still has the joy of isolation, peace and wonderful views, food here is freshly cooked is vegetarian with Indian fare. The other option of accommodation is located exactly above the area where host family resides, and consists of a double bedroom, bathroom and a balcony that gives you an extensive view of the valley. Food here is a mix of western and Indian and you’ll be given the chance to cook yourself (that is if you can).

Guests are invited to involve themselves on the farm or help in the oak forest restoration project besides a couple of other conservation activities and community work that is run by the hosts. In your free time you can enjoy your reading amidst the noise of the wind as it traverse through the forest.


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How to get here

Delhi is 295 KM from Steve’s Mountain Village New Delhi - Hapur - Moradabad - Rampur (turn left off National Highway) - Rudrapur - Haldwani - Kathgodam - Ranibagh (turn right) to Bhimtal - Khutani (turn right at tri-junction) - Chanfi - Matial.