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Binsar-The placement of this quaint little destination within the precinct of a Reserve forest gives it an unique identity. Coupled with this, the Government has made all out efforts to ensure that the environs of the forest are not disturbed and thus, only clean solar energy is provided from 7.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M every day. Binsar was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1988, following a long local movement for its establishment. Today, Binsar supports a wide variety of floral species, faunal species as well as avi-fauna including some of the unique species found in the Himalayan range. Thus, Binsar can be regarded as heaven in solitude


Spotting of birds, some odd animals in the forest area is an exhilarating experience as is the chance to photograph the vast expanse of the Himalayan peaks that are visible from here. The view of the Himalayan ranges is outstanding as is the short excursion into the forest area. A 6 hour trek from Jhadidhar/Snow View point and back, we ascend from 5600 feet to approximately 9000 feet. An ideal birding route where you spy (birds) through the pine level forests to dense oak and rhododendron forests of the Binsar Sanctuary. Nature Treks ranging from a few kilometers of easy trekking to 50km of hill paths through the wildlife reserve are possible, village hopping treks between each of the six pictures villages of Katdhara, Dalar, Risal, Mayolikhan, Satri and Gonap may also be organized, edging the forest now abandoned fields are refuge to Chukur, Rufous-throated and Hill-Partridge more common here are Verditer, Ultramarine and Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher and Blue-capped Redstart. Amidst breathtaking Himalayan views we’ll be rewarded with sightings of specialties like Cheer, Koklass-and relatively common Khaleej Pheasants. One can gaze across a panoramic sunrise stretching over 300km of Himalayan peaks including Kedarnath, Shivling, Trisul and the almighty Nanda Devi. By day, trek through this absurdly lovely landscape through forests of rhododendron, pine trees and wildflowers - crisp blue skies above and a peaceful soundtrack of birdsong as over 200 bird species dwell here like like Rufous-bellied Niltava , White-tailed Nuthatch, White-collared Blackbird, Rufous-bellied Rock Thrush, Long-tailed Thrush Grey-winged Blackbird and the locally common but enigmatic Scaly Thrush and the jangling of distant cow bells.



The eco lodge in Binsar is situated on a hillock in the midst of the sanctuary It is a eco lodge in the true sense as only access is a paved foot path around 2-3km going through the pine jungle ,which is an adventure in itself. The lodge is neat and clean surrounded by hills and valleys with basic facilities and of course sparkling clean toilets and bathrooms. This lodge is run by local villagers. They are so simple and caring. Dalar Eco Camp offers its special Organic Traditional food along with Indian cuisine with homemade country bread. Piping hot food with local flavour will be a treat for your taste buds. The destination tranquil, the location unique, the service selfless, the rooms clean ,the food fresh and homemade, and the thrilling jungle and wildlife will make it as your best destination with serenity and tranquillity.


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Delhi is 390 KM from Binsar - Delhi-Gazipur Border-Moradabad-Rampur-Kathgodam- Bhowali- Khairna- Garampani- Kwarab- Almora-Binsar