Baluli Waters
Baluli Waters

On a vantage point overlooking the Ramganga River, Baluli Waters offers affordable and luxurious villa which consist of twin rooms that are very comfortable, cosy and well furnished



Those who love to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and don’t mind a languid walk to the river bed can make the most of the immaculate beauty that Baluli Waters has to offer. Birders will be delighted to find diversified types for  birds of prey like Mountain Halk, Bonellie’s and Lesser Fish Eagle. Scrubby bushes on the riverbed host Wheatears, Bushchats etc. Half a dozen species of Kingfisher are commonly sighted here including the magnanimous and impressive Chrested Kingfisher. The lawns overlooking the Ramganga valley not only offers angelic views but wildlife too as they cautiously approach the river to fetch water in twilight hours.

Fishermen and the ones who are interested in contributing towards Golden Mahseer Conservation usually dwell here for longer period, the Ramganga is overwhelmed with this extravagant fish and Giant Goonch i.e the Catfish.


Accommodation and Food

While staying at Baluli Waters, you will be cascaded by the love and care of locals, who will cook scrumptious food for you, will take care of cleanliness and other facilities that u would be requiring there and will provide you with the warmth and affection as if you are at home. The local influence leads to additional perks like a taste of the local cuisine, culture and so on. They can organise activities like an interaction with the local community, nature walks, angling, bird watching or even rock climbing.

Baluli Waters is ideal for both short and long holidays . Baluli Waterswelcomes everyone to their domicile and want you to share a similar experience that many have shared i.e. going back home with happy memories and a smile on your face.


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How to get here

Delhi is 310 KM from Vanghat - Hapur by pass - Gajraula - Moradabad by pass - From this point, where Moradabad by pass terminates, take "U" turn to left towards Moradabad city, travel 2 km, then take right turn - Kashipur - Corbett(Ramnagar)-Marchula.