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About Rural Traveller

Our Mission: Save critically endangered wildlife and their habitat through sustainable and affordable tourism in the Himalayan realm, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travellers and nature lovers.


RURALTRAVELLER was created to fill the gap in responsible, community based tourism in the rural Uttarakhand area in the western Himalayas. Our target is the evolved traveller whose fun filled but low carbon footprint holiday directly contributes for conservation and social cause.

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Where You'll stay

Baluli Waters

Steve's Mountain

Cloaked in a lush, multicultural forest of oak and chestnut and deodar, with brief but bewitching views of Nanda Devi...

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Why visit uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand is known as the “Land of the Gods”, and is home to the Himalayas, fresh air, pure water, scenic beauty, small villages, friendly people, and tough but simple lifestyles.  All of this sets it aside from anywhere else in the world, and creates a true paradise.  There is much to see and do in Uttarakhand...

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Mahseer Conservancy